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Florida: Couple Killed When Motorcycle Collided with SUV

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A 51-year-old retiree and his wife were killed in an accident when their motorcycle was hit head-on by a sports utility vehicle driven by Defendant. At the time of the accident, the deceased couple was traveling to visit their son for Thanksgiving. Defendant fled the scene of the accident, and as a result, was featured on "America's Most Wanted." Police also suspected the Defendant of drinking prior to the accident. The son of the deceased couple sued the Defendant, acting as the personal representative of his parents' estates. Counsel for Plaintiff contended that Defendant traveled directly into the path of the deceased's motorcycle and that there was nothing the deceased driver could have done to avoid the accident. Counsel for the Defendant contended that the deceased driver could have avoided the accident and that he was distracted by using his cellular phone.

Verdict: $6,388,773

Alexander J. Wright, as Personal Representative of the Estate of Ronald L. Wright and Robyn M. Wright v. Maximino Gomez Cortez