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Florida: Girl's Scalp Burned by Stylist's Negligent Hair Coloring

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Plaintiffs sued on behalf of their minor daughter who suffered burns to her scalp after visiting Defendant hair salon. The minor went to Defendant hair salon to have her hair colored. A stylist at the salon placed chemicals on the minor's hair, put foil over the hair and placed the minor under a hot hair dryer. The stylist then took a break, leaving the salon to eat. The minor complained to other salon employees of a burning sensation in her scalp but the employees allegedly told her that she would have to wait for her stylist to return. The minor sustained third-degree burns to her scalp. It was stipulated before trial that the product used by the stylist included instructions to not to use the product with heat. The parties also stipulated that the minor had her hair colored at another salon four days after the incident.

Verdict: $628,828.54. Breakdown: $128,828.54 for past and future medical expenses; $500,000 for past and future pain and suffering.

Stephen Howey and Eileen Lyons, Individually and as Parents and Natural Guardians of Alexa Lyons-Howey v. Creative Hairdressers, Inc. d/b/a/ Hair Cuttery