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LinkedIn Launches New Marketing Solutions That Could Bolster Your Firm’s Brand

Kelly Anthony, Esq. | Deputy General Counsel

On Thursday, February 19, 2015, LinkedIn unveiled its newly enhanced platform of business-to-business lead generation products. The launch follows the $175 million acquisition of Bizo, a company devoted to helping advertisers reach businesses and professionals, in August 2014. LinkedIn utilized Bizo’s team and technology, as well as partnered with AppNexus, to bring to life what the company promises is a suite of products that will provide “a faster way to reach, nurture, and convert high-quality leads on and off LinkedIn.”


The social networking company’s platform of marketing solutions is comprised of five products—LinkedIn Lead Accelerator, Sponsored Updates, LinkedIn Onsite Display, LinkedIn Network Display, and Sponsored InMail. LinkedIn specifically designed the suite to deliver advertising content not only on LinkedIn’s website and apps, but also a network of over 2,500 other business-oriented sites. Further, the platform was fashioned to provide LinkedIn consumers a “full-funnel” approach to marketing. Previously, LinkedIn products, such as Sponsored Updates and LinkedIn Display advertising, were used to achieve individual objectives. Now, however, the company has tied together all of its products to create a global-driven display advertising network.


As stated in the company’s blog, 95% of website users never provide an email address to marketers, and of the 5% that do, only about 20% open the prospecting emails they receive. The core product in LinkedIn’s portfolio, Lead Accelerator, poses the ability to assist businesses in converting at least a portion of the 95% of website users otherwise unobtainable into possible leads. According to Business Insider, Lead Accelerator allows companies to place a pixel on their websites, which uses cookies to identify LinkedIn users so that advertisers can get a better understanding as to the types of people visiting their pages. Thus, minimally, Lead Accelerator provides advertisers the capacity to gain knowledge of their consumer base. Such knowledge can be used to measure, re-direct and execute targeted advertising campaigns.

For law firms, the new LinkedIn suite of products could be utilized to gain national brand recognition, obtain access to larger base of potential clients, as well as to open the doors to prospective co-counsel relationships. Essentially, the suite of products offers firms an alternative method for marketing and growing a legal practice.


LinkedIn requires that advertisers have a minimum of 20,000 visitors to their website to sign up for its business-to-business lead generation products, but there is no minimum ad spend.


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