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Pennsylvania: Neurosurgeon's career ruined by hospital bed

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This negligence cause of action arose when plaintiff, a 43-year-old neurosurgeon, was struck in the knee by a hospital bed that was being moved in the hallway of defendant's hospital. The plaintiff sued the hospital and an orthopedic equipment salesman who assisted in moving the bed. The plaintiff alleged that the bed was being pushed at a fast speed, and that the defendant had knowledge that the bed had a steering defect. Plaintiff's experts testified that plaintiff developed a hematoma and necrotizing fasciitis as a result of the impact to the knee. Subsequently, plaintiff had to undergo an above-the-knee leg amputation. The defendants argued that the impact was minor and could not have caused the necrotizing fasciitis. Furthermore, the defense disputed the plaintiff's claim that he could no longer work.

VERDICT: $3.25 million.

Sedor v. Community Medical Center (Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania, Case no. 2143-CV-2005).