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Texas: Man Rear-Ended in Collision, Injures Knee

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A man suffered knee injuries after being rear-ended while stopped and waiting to make a turn. Plaintiff was struck from behind and by a vehicle driven by Defendant and sustained a torn meniscus as well as scarring around the popliteal tendon. After the accident, Plaintiff underwent two arthroscopic surgeries to his right knee. Plaintiff sued for medical damages, physical impairment and pain and suffering; Defendant admitted fault and the trial went to damages. Plaintiff was a high school cross country runner prior to the injuries. The defense argued that Plaintiff's activities as a runner caused or contributed to his condition, as well as attempting to run after the collision.

Verdict: $121,666.29. Includes $35,000 for pain and suffering; $35,000 for physical impairment, medical bills and pre-judgment interest

Candelaria v. Gonzalez