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Tubs of Fun or Buckets of Regret? New Hampshire Man Considering Lawsuit After Parlaying Life Savings into Giant Banana

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In late April, Henry Gribbohm, 30, squandered his life savings away attempting to win an Xbox at a Manchester Carvinal in New Hampshire. Gribbohm filed a report with the Manchester Police Department after claiming to have lost over $2,600 in $5 increments trying to outsmart the “Tubs of Fun” game in his misguided effort to win an Xbox Kinect (valued at about $100).

The overconfident Gribbohm believed he had pretty good aim until he began trying in earnest to win the “Tubs of Fun” grand prize. During his practice attempts, the rubber balls Gribbohm tossed nestled in the titled tub target without exception. However, when he started to play for a prize, the balls kept bouncing out of the tub. At $5 for two balls, Gribbohm quickly went through 120 failed tosses, burning through the $300 he had in his pocket.

Undeterred, Gribbohm actually went home to retrieve an additional $2,300 in order to win back the initial $300 he spent on the game. Gribbohm promptly lost another $2,300. Although Gribbohm didn’t win the Xbox Kinect grand prize, he did attain a consolation prize—a giant stuffed banana with dreadlocks and a Rastafarian hat—which perhaps was selected as a suitable companion for this quick thinking and well-reasoned contestant. After he returned to complain the next day, the game operator refunded $600.

Gribbohm, who candidly admitted that for once in his life he had been conned (just once?), is also considering a lawsuit against the carnival and the independent contractor who ran the game based upon allegations of fraud.

Gribbohm may not have to wait that long for compensation, however, as he appears poised to benefit from his sudden notoriety. The Internet site “” has pledged to pay Gribbohm back if Gribbohm’s story gets 26,000 “likes” on Facebook. For 30,000 likes, the site will “toss” in the Xbox Kinect, too. There’s a catch, however. Gribbohm would have to forfeit his brand-new friend, as the authors at the site have indicated that they “really just want a giant stuffed banana with dreads” in their office and are willing to pay the fair market price for such an item, recently set by Gribbohm himself: $2,600.

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