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Document Security in the Modern Age of Technology

Donald Tucker, Esq. | Deputy General Counsel


In the modern age of technology and constant communication, attorneys have to worry about things that wouldn’t cross the minds of previous generations. One of the largest concerns currently facing modern attorneys is the ever-evolving issue of cyber document security. Since 2011, 80 out of the 100 biggest law firms in the country have experienced security breaches to some degree. Now, more than ever, law firms of all shapes and sizes are upping the degree of thought and funding that’s applied to protecting sensitive client and company information.

The following provides a breakdown of what you need to know:

1. Usability/Affordability v. Security? Everyone likes a bargain. However, when it comes to your firm’s cyber security, finding the best deal should not be your primary concern. Cyber security is becoming a huge part of the legal profession since maintaining client confidentiality is a cornerstone of the practice of law. With the access we now have to countless devices and mediums to communicate and share information...



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