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    5 Tips for Tax Season

    By | on 11, Mar 2022 |   Practice Tips Blog

    As the 2022 tax deadline draws nearer, now is the time to get your firm’s financials in order and ready to file. While doing so, it’s useful to also consider strategic initiatives your firm plans to u[...] Read More

    Top 5 Mass Torts of 2021

    By | on 05, Jan 2022 |   Mass Torts Litigation Spotlight

    As 2022 commences, we look back on the top torts of last year—from litigations that saw significant movement and resolution, to those emerging and others still on the horizon. Here are our Top 5 Mass [...] Read More

    Year-End Planning for Your Contingent-Fee Firm

    By | on 07, Dec 2021 |   Financing Basics

    Year-end is almost upon us, which means it is time to take a detailed look at your law firm, its operations and your objectives for 2022. Having a strategy in place for the future is always important [...] Read More

    A Closer Look at the Zantac Litigations: A Conversation with Attorney Beth Fegan

    By | on 26, Oct 2021 |   Mass Torts Litigation Spotlight

    As courts across the country began reopening, many litigations saw significant progress as COVID-19 restrictions were eased. One litigation that has seen substantial activity in 2021 is the Zantac lit[...] Read More

    Mass Tort of the Month: Benzene Sunscreen Litigations

    By | on 30, Aug 2021 |   Mass Torts Litigation Spotlight

    As temperatures soar across the country this summer, many Americans will use sunscreen to protect their skin from the dangers associated with excessive sun exposure, like skin cancer. However, few wil[...] Read More

    Mass Tort of the Month Update: Belviq

    By | on 17, Aug 2021 |   Mass Torts Litigation Spotlight

    In the wake of its February 2020 recall, Belviq became an important litigation to monitor over the last year. In recent months, the cases have seen considerable movement as plaintiffs petitioned the J[...] Read More

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