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    The Eventual Return to Face-to-Face Events: 5 Tips for When the Time is Right

    By | on 17, May 2021 |   Practice Insights

    In-person networking events are occurring with more frequency. While the global pandemic brought travel and face-to-face gatherings largely to a halt, COVID-19 vaccinations and the new CDC guidance an[...] Read More

    Mass Tort of the Month: In Re: January 2021 Short Squeeze Trading Litigation

    By | on 10, May 2021 |   Mass Torts Litigation Spotlight

    This month we feature the newly consolidated January 2021 Short Squeeze Trading Litigation. The events surrounding this particular mass tort made headlines throughout the first quarter of 2021 and cap[...] Read More

    Mass Tort of the Month: JUUL Update

    By | on 26, Apr 2021 |   Mass Torts Litigation Spotlight

    The JUUL litigations, previously outlined in our Mass Tort of the Month series in January 2021, have seen recent procedural updates. The following is continuing coverage of the status of the current c[...] Read More

    Mass Tort Update: Litigations to Follow in 2021

    By | on 20, Apr 2021 |   Mass Torts Litigation Spotlight

    As a follow-up to the previously published Mass Torts to Keep an Eye on in 2021, we revisit four mass tort litigations and their current status. Read More

    Mass Tort of the Month: Toxic Baby Food Litigation

    By | on 30, Mar 2021 |   Litigation Spotlight

      The Government Report In February 2021, the U.S. House of Representatives Subcommittee on Economic and Consumer Policy, Committee on Oversight and Reform (“the Committee”) issued a report revealing [...] Read More

    Considerations Before Returning to the Office: The Pitfalls of Vaccine Mandates

    By | on 15, Mar 2021 |   Practice Insights

    As we reflect on what has been a full year of grappling with COVID-19 and the transition to working remote, for the most part, employers and employees alike are eager to regain some semblance of norma[...] Read More

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