Articles on Managing Operations & Cash Flow

Budgeting: an essential component to conquering your firm's needs

By | on 10, Jun 2019 |   Managing Operations & Cash Flow

You have big plans to grow your law practice. To do so, you’ll need to secure the necessary resources. Your plans should also include how to deploy the funding to start the process. Read More

Predicting When You’ll Receive Contingent Fees: Impossible or Achievable?

By | on 03, Jun 2019 |   Managing Operations & Cash Flow

You’ve settled a case and are patiently waiting for your attorneys’ fees to be disbursed. Why does it take so long and how can you envisage when you’ll actually receive payment? These are both fair qu[...] Read More

Can you Improve Your Firm with Litigation Analytics?

By | on 20, May 2019 |   Managing Operations & Cash Flow

The gathering, storage and use of data increases exponentially each year. As a result, new technology products for the U.S. legal industry continue to emerge. Most claim to provide lawyers valuable in[...] Read More

Treating Your Law Firm Like a Business

By | on 15, Apr 2019 |   Managing Operations & Cash Flow

Attorneys often state they “practice law,” but they don’t as frequently speak about managing a law firm as a business. However, a law firm is a business—requiring oversight of personnel, operations an[...] Read More

4 Ways to Enhance the Security of Your Law Firm Information

By | on 01, Mar 2019 |   Managing Operations & Cash Flow

In the modern age of technology and constant communication, attorneys have to worry about things that wouldn’t cross the minds of previous generations. One of the largest concerns currently facing mod[...] Read More

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