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A Revolving Credit Line: Why it’s Better Than a Term Loan

By | on 27, Aug 2018 |   Exploring My Choices

Broadly speaking, a revolving line of credit is similar to a term loan—a lender advances your firm funds that you can use to finance expansion or to even out irregular cash flow. However, there are so[...] Read More

3 Types of Financing Solutions Unique to a Plaintiffs’ Practice

By | on 26, Mar 2018 |   Exploring My Choices

When it comes to financing your firm, you have a lot of options. You can self-finance, partner with co-counsel, utilize credit cards or take out a business loan—just to name a few. Before you make a s[...] Read More

Bank vs. Specialty Finance

By | on 21, Mar 2018 |   Exploring My Choices

You have a business plan in place and your law firm is poised for growth. The case files already on the shelf require not only an investment of time but of dollars. You need to find both time and mone[...] Read More

Why Doesn’t a Bank Understand My Firm?

By | on 12, Mar 2018 |   Exploring My Choices

You have a plan ready-to-go for your law firm. Now, you need the funds to implement it. Case fees are unpredictable with respect to timing, so what do you do? Many law firm owners first turn to a bank[...] Read More

What’s the Difference between a Line of Credit and a Loan?

By | on 27, Feb 2018 |   Exploring My Choices

You’re considering financing for your firm, but where do you start? It’s first important to identify what type of funding will best work for you. Start with the basics—what’s the difference between ta[...] Read More

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