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    Top Law Firm Marketing Trends of 2020 Revealed


    Marketing_TrendsNow is the time to start planning your firm’s 2020 marketing strategy if you haven’t already. As you look forward to this new year, be sure you’re mindful of current marketing trends and adjust your plans as necessary.

    What’s this year's biggest trend?

    According to marketing reports, 2020 is the year of the CLIENT!

    Here are 4 ways you can implement this and create a more client-centric mindset at your firm.

    1. Make the Client Experience Your Top Priority  

    A law firm’s most precious asset is its clients—they’re your source of today’s business and tomorrow’s referrals.

    Marketing is no longer about merely trying to convince people to retain your firm. It now includes providing a desirable customer experience.

    Customer experience, or “CX,” is already a hot buzzword in marketing circles, but it’s more than just a passing trend. 73% of people say that customer experience is an important factor in their buying decisions.1

    When you focus on building a positive business culture and providing great services, it speaks volumes about why someone should choose your firm over others.

    This is largely due to the growth of online content—consumers have more power than ever both in terms of research, knowledge and feedback.

    To put it in context, think of when you consult Yelp to select a restaurant; TripAdvisor when seeking a hotel, or Amazon when buying just about anything.

    The takeaway? Reviews matter. You can boost your marketing efficiency by tweaking your internal culture resulting in positive internet comments about the client experience.

    2. Show vs. Tell with Client-Focused Content

    Content should be client-focused – not all about how great you or your firm are.

    This means more “show” than “tell.” Don’t state that you are the best firm in town. Demonstrate that you are by showcasing how your legal expertise will benefit the client.

    You can also build trust by creating value-added content and easily digestible client alerts and newsletters. Generating educational materials will indicate you’re an expert in the particular subject matter and result in better brand recognition.

    Keep in mind that you can repurpose your curated content to get the most out of materials you’ve already invested time and energy in to create.

    3. Communicate Strategically and Thoughtfully 

    Content should be sent strategically and sparingly, especially in the digital world.

    Segment your mailing lists using information you have on your contacts and analyze engagement and open rates. Use the tools offered by your email marketing software (such as A/B testing) and social media analytics. Play the role of the client and think about what you would want to receive and at what frequency. If you consistently put yourself in your clients' shoes, it will help you stay on the right path.

    4. Ask your Clients for Feedback

    As noted above, reviews and testimonials are a great tool for marketing. You may be hesitant to open the door to feedback, however asking clients how you’re doing and what you could do better (or more efficiently, differently, etc.) should be a standard practice.

    How else will you know for sure that you are hitting the mark?

    Worse than not asking for feedback is not taking action when you receive it. You must act on it. Your goal is to become a client-centric law firm that not only collects client feedback but also uses it to improve their journey.

    By keeping your firm’s focus on serving the needs of your clients and advocating for them to the highest degree, you’re setting the stage for an army of happy customers to create a network of referrals for your firm. This is shown to be one of the best avenues through which to create a steady stream of new business for your firm.



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