Year End: 5 seconds on 5 big MDLs

Kelly Anthony, Esq. | Deputy General Counsel

Among the hundreds of pending multidistrict litigations across the country, some stand out for the large jury awards they've yielded against major companies like Johnson & Johnson, and some, like the General Motors ignition-switch MDL, for their inability to produce many verdicts at all. Others are notable for their longevity.

As 2016 draws to a close, we get you up to speed on five highly visible MDLs that are sure to make headlines into 2017.

1. NFL Concussion Settlement stands: U.S. Supreme Court rejected challenges to settlement
2. GM-ignition switch is still on appeal: The decision holding GM responsible for injuries that occurred before bankruptcy is being appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court
3. Risperdal Litigation: Litigation: Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas judge dismissed the sixth bellwether case to go to trial, but other cases have been successful, including a $70 million verdict rendered against Johnson & Johnson this summer. Thousands of claims remain pending in state courts.
4. DePuy Pinnacle Hip Litigation: Jury awarded $1 billion to six plaintiffs. Johnson & Johnson faces over 8,000 lawsuits concerning the device. 
5. Zimmer NexGen Litigation: Zimmer moved for summary judgment in over 140 cases for failure to provide expert reports pursuant to a case management order. The company prevailed in the first two bellwether trials and seeks summary judgment prior to trying the third.


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