Judge Sedita Joins Counsel Financial

Counsel Financial

By Hon. Joseph S. Mattina, J.S.C. (Ret.)

I am proud to announce that the Honorable Frank A. Sedita, Jr., who retired from the New York State Supreme Court on December 31, 2001, has joined me at Counsel Financial.

Judge Sedita has had a distinguished judicial career for more than 20 years, most recently serving as a New York State Supreme Court Justice. During that time, he presided over more than 7,000 civil litigation, tort and contract cases, as well as mass tort litigation. Prior to joining the bench, Judge Sedita was a well-respected litigator concentrating in commercial litigation and labor law matters. He is also the proud father of our district attorney, Frank A. Sedita, III, in Erie County, New York.

We are privileged to have Judge Sedita with us at Counsel Financial and extend him a warm welcome.