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Customers File Class Claims Over Misleading Nutritional Information

Elizabeth DiNardo, Esq. | Associate Counsel

Popular Tex-Mex food chain, Chipotle, can’t seem to catch a break since last year’s E. coli outbreak. Three Chipotle customers have filed a proposed class suit in Los Angeles Superior Court, claiming the chain actively mislead customers into believing its chorizo burrito contained significantly fewer calories than it actually contains.

Specifically, the named plaintiffs, David Desmond, Edward Gurevich and Young Moon Kim, allege that Chipotle mislead consumers into thinking that the chorizo burrito, which is made of pork sausage, spicy chicken, rice, cheese and tomato salsa, contains only 300 calories, while in reality the burrito has over 1,000 calories. The confusion over the nutritional information of the product stems from promotional displays inside store locations that display a picture of the over-stuffed burrito and the words “300 calories” under the picture.

The three named plaintiffs have not been the only Chipotle customers to question the seemingly impossible low calorie count, and many have tweeted their disbelief to the company’s Twitter account. In response, the company informed customers that the 300 calories refers to the chorizo sausage only.

Chipotle, who has still yet to recover its impressive sales numbers from their pre-E. coli-outbreak highs, claim that Plaintiffs are simply making allegations against the company with no proof. If the suit is granted class status, the class might extend to anyone who purchased food from Chipotle in the past four years.

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