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Florida: Woman Falls into Coma Following Wrist Surgery

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Plaintiff, a 58-year-old female, underwent out-patient wrist surgery for carpel tunnel syndrome. Plaintiff was intubated during the procedure, which caused her esophagus to be perforated. Despite repeated complaints by Plaintiff of chest pain, the perforation went undiagnosed post-operatively. The perforation caused Plaintiff to develop severe sepsis and near death within 33 hours of the surgery. Plaintiff underwent reparative surgery of the esophagus, and then fell into a coma for five weeks. While comatose, Plaintiff ate through a feeding tube for five months, which caused her to develop a hernia, also requiring surgery. Plaintiff brought suit against all parties involved in her medical procedures. Each of the defendants denied causing the injury to Plaintiff or breaching any standard of care.

VERDICT: $4,740,000. Defendant-anesthesiologist was 50% negligent; Defendant-hospital was 35% negligent; Defendant-nurse anesthetist was 10% negligent; Defendant-nursing student was 5% negligent.

Kalitan v. Alexander, et al.