Hybrid Line™ from Counsel Financial Offers Bank Alternative to Litigators

Kim Gomlak, MBA | Marketing Director


Counsel Financial, the leading provider of working capital exclusively to plaintiffs’ attorneys, now offers a new product for financing a contingent-fee law firm that is unmatched in the industry for both borrowing power and rate. The Hybrid Line™ offers lawyers the opportunity to leverage the low-cost benefits of bank financing while accessing double or triple the funds available through a conventional bank.

The Hybrid Line is the answer for firms with low-cost bank lines that fail to adequately finance the operations and growth of the practice due to the extremely conservative credit limits offered by banks. Counsel Financial seeks to match the amount of borrowings a firm maintains with an existing bank at a low bank rate plus furnish the firm with the additional working capital the law firm needs. The funding can be used for any law firm expense, from expansion and growth, to overhead, advertising and more. As with all Counsel Financial credit lines, the Hybrid Line offers more flexible terms, maturities and payment options than conventional bank lines.

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