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New York: Volunteer firefighter electrocuted by an improperly wired sign

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Decedent, a volunteer firefighter, went to a restaurant that caught fire a few days earlier. While retrieving a tarp that was left behind, decedent was electrocuted by an electric box sign. Decedent's estate sued the restaurant, among other defendants, alleging the box sign had not been properly grounded and that the sign's wiring had been altered. A medical examiner for the plaintiffs opined that decedent was conscious for 15-20 seconds prior to death. Defense counsel contended that plaintiff could not produce evidence demonstrating that decedent experienced conscious pain and suffering.

VERDICT: $5.5 million. Sidebar: Most of the defendants negotiated a pretrial settlement, which will offset the amount awarded to plaintiff's estate.

Elizabeth Anne Greene, Individually and as Administratrix of the Estate of Michael J. Green v. 350 East Montauk Highway Corporation, et. al. (Nassau County, New York, Case no. 2016/07).