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Surviving the Litigation: how to persevere for the long haul

By | on 11, Mar 2019 |   Handling Litigation Expenses

You finally did it. You’re the dog that caught the car. It took a while, but you’ve landed your “case of a lifetime.” That potentially career-defining case with a unique combination of complex legal i[...] Read More

The Cost of Success: How to Overcome the Financial Hurdles of Starting Your Own Firm

By | on 21, Aug 2018 |   Why Finance?

You took a bold step to hang your own shingle and then jumped with both feet into the tumultuous arena of a plaintiffs’ law practice. While it took an investment of three years in law school and the p[...] Read More

Afraid Law Firm Financing Interferes with Your Professional Obligations? Here's Why it Won't.

By | on 07, May 2018 |   Uncovering the Best Option

Cash flow constraints pose unique challenges to contingent-fee practices, so securing a loan or line of credit for your law firm can be an important means to keep you well positioned to handle all of [...] Read More

Bank vs. Specialty Finance

By | on 21, Mar 2018 |   Exploring My Choices

You have a business plan in place and your law firm is poised for growth. The case files already on the shelf require not only an investment of time but of dollars. You need to find both time and mone[...] Read More

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