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Treating Your Law Firm Like a Business

By | on 15, Apr 2019 |   Managing Operations & Cash Flow

Attorneys often state they “practice law,” but they don’t as frequently speak about managing a law firm as a business. However, a law firm is a business—requiring oversight of personnel, operations an[...] Read More

Key Considerations Before Entering Mass Torts

By | on 15, Oct 2018 |   Why Finance?

You may be considering expanding your practice into mass torts. Before you do, it’s essential to have a solid grasp of the mass tort process and consider which mass tort business model will best suit [...] Read More

4 Benefits of Choosing a Lender With Experienced Attorneys On Staff

By | on 10, Sep 2018 |   Selecting the Right Source

If you’re contemplating financing for your law practice with a bank or third-party litigation funder, you should consider whether, and to what extent, they truly understand your legal practice. Read More

You closed on a law firm line of credit—now what?

By | on 16, Jul 2018 |   What to Expect Post-Closing

Once you’ve decided it’s time to get financing for your firm, there are many things that you need to take into consideration, including the type of lender (e.g. a specialty finance company versus a ba[...] Read More

How to Identify the Best Financing Solution for Your Firm

By | on 16, Apr 2018 |   Uncovering the Best Option

You know that your law firm needs financing. The problem is that you don’t know which type is most suitable for your practice. One simple way to uncover the best financing solution for your firm is by[...] Read More

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