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Planning in Uncertain Times: How to Effectively Manage Law Firm Cash Flow

By | on 13, Oct 2020 |   Financing Basics

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the legal industry. The resulting closures and delays will likely create longer-term issues for law firm operations than originally expected when [...] Read More

Changes to Underwriting during COVID-19: How Litigation Finance Companies are Adapting

By | on 31, Aug 2020 |   Financing Basics

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted every aspect of doing business in the U.S. and its effects span all industries. Amid shutdowns, CDC guidelines on personal interaction and gatherings, and managing s[...] Read More

3 Reasons Your Financing Company Should Have Attorneys on Staff

By | on 10, Oct 2019 |   Building Your Firm

When seeking out resources for your firm, you want to be sure that companies you engage with fully understand the nature of your practice and the nuances of contingency fee practice. So how do you acc[...] Read More

Managing a Multi-layer Law Firm Effectively

By | on 16, Sep 2019 |   Managing Operations & Cash Flow

Managing a law firm—whether a small operation or a full service firm with varying levels of management or multiple practice groups—can be difficult. Often, to be successful, it takes a leader who is w[...] Read More

Treating Your Law Firm Like a Business

By | on 15, Apr 2019 |   Managing Operations & Cash Flow

Attorneys often state they “practice law,” but they don’t as frequently speak about managing a law firm as a business. However, a law firm is a business—requiring oversight of personnel, operations an[...] Read More

Key Considerations Before Entering Mass Torts

By | on 15, Oct 2018 |   Why Finance?

You may be considering expanding your practice into mass torts. Before you do, it’s essential to have a solid grasp of the mass tort process and consider which mass tort business model will best suit [...] Read More

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