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    Kim Gomlak, MBA & Kelly Anthony, Esq.

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    3 Questions to Help Drive Year-End Planning

    By | on 09, Dec 2022 |   Practice Insights

    2022 may be winding down, but your law firm planning should be ramping up. With the new year rapidly approaching, it’s time to devise your strategy for 2023. Being prepared with a plan for the upcomin[...] Read More

    3 Tips for Managing Law Firm Data

    By | on 08, Jul 2022 |   Practice Insights

    DATA: the ever-present concept that increasingly seems to govern businesses across every industry and discipline, including the legal profession. In the last decade, data has become more critical than[...] Read More

    5 Considerations when Contemplating a Law Firm Merger or Acquisition

    By | on 06, Jun 2022 |   Practice Insights

    Often in the legal industry we discuss the path to starting your own firm or spinning off from your current firm. However, there are times when you may consider the reverse – strategically combining y[...] Read More

    Overcoming the Unique Financial Hurdles Facing Your Practice

    By | on 08, Jun 2021 |   Practice Insights

    How to Manage the Ebbs and Flows Unique to a Plaintiffs’ Practice Counsel Financial was recently featured on Esquire University’s podcast, a resource created by Eric Bersano dedicated to lawyers and t[...] Read More

    Is it all about the money? How cheap financing can harm your firm

    By | on 23, Jul 2018 |   Selecting the Right Source

    Everyone knows that when shopping around--price matters. But you don’t buy a car, house or even a phone based on price only because there are features beyond the cost of a good, product or service tha[...] Read More

    What factors dictate your firm’s financing needs?

    By | on 01, May 2018 |   Uncovering the Best Option

    You’ve done some research on what’s out there for law firm financing, but how do you make the decision that’s best for your firm? What is driving you to seek financing in the first place should play a[...] Read More

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