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    Mass Tort of the Month: CPAP Litigation

    By | on 27, Jun 2022 |   Mass Torts

    The CPAP Litigation has its roots in a 2021 recall of Philips’ sleep apnea machines. The machines were used by millions to assist with breathing while sleeping. The machines were recalled in June 2021[...] Read More

    Top 5 Mass Torts of 2021

    By | on 05, Jan 2022 |   Mass Torts Litigation Spotlight

    As 2022 commences, we look back on the top torts of last year—from litigations that saw significant movement and resolution, to those emerging and others still on the horizon. Here are our Top 5 Mass [...] Read More

    A Closer Look at the Zantac Litigations: A Conversation with Attorney Beth Fegan

    By | on 26, Oct 2021 |   Mass Torts Litigation Spotlight

    As courts across the country began reopening, many litigations saw significant progress as COVID-19 restrictions were eased. One litigation that has seen substantial activity in 2021 is the Zantac lit[...] Read More

    Taking the plunge: starting your own firm

    By | on 26, Aug 2019 |   Building Your Firm

    There may come a time in your career as an attorney that you consider opening your own law firm. Perhaps you have progressive ideas you’d like to execute upon, but don’t have the support of your curre[...] Read More

    Tips on How to Go Out on Your Own

    By | on 21, Jan 2019 |   Building Your Firm

    Ever consider starting your own firm? Maybe it was your plan all along to gain some experience then go solo but now you’re unsure how to make the transition. Or maybe it wasn’t your plan, but are curi[...] Read More

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