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    Thomas Olivieri, CFE, MBA | Director of Financial Audits

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    Budgeting: an essential component to conquering your firm's needs

    By | on 10, Jun 2019 |   Managing Operations & Cash Flow

    You have big plans to grow your law practice. To do so, you’ll need to secure the necessary resources. Your plans should also include how to deploy the funding to start the process. Read More

    Quick Tips to Help Your Contingent Fee Practice Stay on Budget

    By | on 06, Aug 2018 |   What to Expect Post-Closing

    Just like your personal budget, it goes without saying that a law firm budget is only as good as it is realistic and achievable. With a contingent fee practice, however, it’s challenging to predict wo[...] Read More

    Using a Budget to Determine Your Firm’s Financial Needs is Easier Than You Think

    By | on 21, May 2018 |   Preparing for Financing

    So you want to build your law practice with a line of credit, but how do you budget for it? Follow these 3 simple steps. Specify how you’ll use the funding Before you can budget for a line of credit, [...] Read More

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