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    3 Reasons Your Financing Company Should Have Attorneys on Staff

    By | on 10, Oct 2019 |   Building Your Firm

    When seeking out resources for your firm, you want to be sure that companies you engage with fully understand the nature of your practice and the nuances of contingency fee practice. So how do you acc[...] Read More

    Taking the plunge: starting your own firm

    By | on 26, Aug 2019 |   Building Your Firm

    There may come a time in your career as an attorney that you consider opening your own law firm. Perhaps you have progressive ideas you’d like to execute upon, but don’t have the support of your curre[...] Read More

    Key Considerations Before Entering Mass Torts

    By | on 15, Jul 2019 |   Mass Torts Building Your Firm

    Incorporating mass tort cases into your firm’s portfolio can be the component that takes your firm to the next level. It can also be an overwhelming undertaking. Before you start, make sure you have a[...] Read More

    Navigating the Financial Waters of Starting a Plaintiffs’ Practice

    By | on 08, Jul 2019 |   Building Your Firm

    After investing both significant time and money into law school and passing the bar exam, you became a lawyer. At some point in time—perhaps early in your career, perhaps later—you decide it’s time to[...] Read More

    What to Consider Before Taking on a Law Partner

    By | on 25, Feb 2019 |   Building Your Firm

    If you own a law firm - whether as an overburdened solo practitioner or a firm lacking legal expertise in a particular area - bringing on a new partner may weigh heavily on your mind. Not only will th[...] Read More

    Tips on How to Go Out on Your Own

    By | on 21, Jan 2019 |   Building Your Firm

    Ever consider starting your own firm? Maybe it was your plan all along to gain some experience then go solo but now you’re unsure how to make the transition. Or maybe it wasn’t your plan, but are curi[...] Read More

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