Articles on Selecting the Right Source

    4 Benefits of Choosing a Lender With Experienced Attorneys On Staff

    By | on 10, Sep 2018 |   Selecting the Right Source

    If you’re contemplating financing for your law practice with a bank or third-party litigation funder, you should consider whether, and to what extent, they truly understand your legal practice. Read More

    Is it all about the money? How cheap financing can harm your firm

    By | on 23, Jul 2018 |   Selecting the Right Source

    Everyone knows that when shopping around--price matters. But you don’t buy a car, house or even a phone based on price only because there are features beyond the cost of a good, product or service tha[...] Read More

    3 Loan Repayment Terms that You Need to Pay Attention To

    By | on 09, Jul 2018 |   Selecting the Right Source

    Of all the financing models available to law firms, many find that a line of credit best suits their needs—providing funding for operations and growth and available when you actually need the money, w[...] Read More

    Avoiding these 4 Funding Provisions Could Save You Thousands

    By | on 25, Jun 2018 |   Selecting the Right Source

    Getting financing for your law firm is a practical way to smooth out uneven cash flow, build your case inventory and boost the overall performance of your practice. While loans, lines of credit, cash [...] Read More

    The No-Nonsense Guide to Litigation Finance Terminology

    By | on 01, Jun 2018 |   Selecting the Right Source

    The field of law is notorious for its jargon. Rife with Latin words and phrases, legalese can aggravate even the most sophisticated of your clients. Frustrating, industry-specific terminology, however[...] Read More

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