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    Collateral: What is it and what do lenders require?

    By | on 29, Oct 2018 |   Uncovering the Best Option

    Collateral. Chances are you’ve heard the term if you’ve ever received (or applied) for any type of financing—whether a mortgage, auto loan or credit card. Consequently, most law firm funders presume y[...] Read More

    Afraid Law Firm Financing Interferes with Your Professional Obligations? Here's Why it Won't.

    By | on 07, May 2018 |   Uncovering the Best Option

    Cash flow constraints pose unique challenges to contingent-fee practices, so securing a loan or line of credit for your law firm can be an important means to keep you well positioned to handle all of [...] Read More

    What factors dictate your firm’s financing needs?

    By | on 01, May 2018 |   Uncovering the Best Option

    You’ve done some research on what’s out there for law firm financing, but how do you make the decision that’s best for your firm? What is driving you to seek financing in the first place should play a[...] Read More

    Disclosing Financing in Litigation—The New Defense Tactic

    By | on 23, Apr 2018 |   Uncovering the Best Option

    What is commonly referred to as third-party litigation financing is gaining popularity among litigants, attorneys, insurers and corporations. According to a 2017 survey, the use of litigation financin[...] Read More

    How to Identify the Best Financing Solution for Your Firm

    By | on 16, Apr 2018 |   Uncovering the Best Option

    You know that your law firm needs financing. The problem is that you don’t know which type is most suitable for your practice. One simple way to uncover the best financing solution for your firm is by[...] Read More

    Your Lender Wants a Personal Guarantee—Don’t take it Personal!

    By | on 09, Apr 2018 |   Uncovering the Best Option

    You’re applying for a business loan. As you go through the process, you see something in the documents you didn’t anticipate—a personal guarantee. Generally, business owners may be surprised to learn [...] Read More

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