Articles on Why Finance?

    Key Considerations Before Entering Mass Torts

    By | on 15, Oct 2018 |   Mass Torts Why Finance?

    You may be considering expanding your practice into mass torts. Before you do, it’s essential to have a solid grasp of the mass tort process and consider which mass tort business model will best suit [...] Read More

    2 Significant Litigation Benefits of Legal Financing

    By | on 24, Sep 2018 |   Why Finance?

    A reality of litigating plaintiffs’ claims is that it can be financially straining on a firm to advance case costs throughout the life of a proceeding. Some larger, more complex cases can take years t[...] Read More

    The Cost of Success: How to Overcome the Financial Hurdles of Starting Your Own Firm

    By | on 21, Aug 2018 |   Why Finance?

    You took a bold step to hang your own shingle and then jumped with both feet into the tumultuous arena of a plaintiffs’ law practice. While it took an investment of three years in law school and the p[...] Read More

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