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Mass Torts to Keep an Eye on in 2021

By | on 11, Jan 2021 |   Litigation Spotlight

With the advent of 2021 and consistent progress reported in COVID-19 vaccine development and administration, many are looking forward to a gradual return to a pre-pandemic pace of business. This is es[...] Read More

Top 5 Mass Torts of 2020

By | on 15, Dec 2020 |   Litigation Spotlight

The year 2020 was newsworthy in almost every regard and caused most Americans to drastically change the way they live and work. The legal industry saw a dramatic shift from in-person interactions, bri[...] Read More

Mass Tort of the Month: Valsartan Litigation

By | on 22, Oct 2020 |   Litigation Spotlight

In recent months, media exposure surrounding Zantac litigation has spurred wide-reaching familiarity with the chemical compounds N-nitrosodimethylamine (“NDMA”) and N-Nitrosodiethylamine (“NDEA”), amo[...] Read More

Mass Tort of the Month: PFAS Litigation

By | on 21, Sep 2020 |   Litigation Spotlight

Overview One of the most expansive mass torts currently in litigation is the PFAS chemical pollution litigation. Lawsuits in the PFAS litigations span a wide array of both potential plaintiffs and pot[...] Read More

Mass Tort of the Month: TikTok Privacy Litigation

By | on 14, Aug 2020 |   Litigation Spotlight

With social distancing measures and restrictions on in-person gatherings in place in the United States as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the use of social media has surged by Americans in an effor[...] Read More

Class Actions After COVID-19: Lawsuits to Watch

By | on 10, Aug 2020 |   Litigation Spotlight

The 2020 Carlton Fields Class Action Survey—a report comprised of data from interviews with chief legal officers, general counsels and direct reports to general counsel at 400 large companies across a[...] Read More

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