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Tort Reform in Missouri: Bills Enacted in 2019 and to Watch in 2020

By | on 18, Nov 2019 |   Preparing for the Future

In 2019, the Show-Me State demonstrated to the legal industry that it was becoming more serious about tort reform—making Missouri a hot venue to watch this year and next for firms representing claiman[...] Read More

Workplace Evolution: Millennials in the Office

By | on 11, Nov 2019 |   Preparing for the Future

It’s no secret that there’s a perceived divide between each generation’s work styles. Knowing how to best acclimate each within your firm can be difficult, especially if a large age gap exists between[...] Read More

The Subtle Way You Can Boost Your Firm’s Operations

By | on 27, Sep 2019 |   Preparing for the Future

Selecting products or services that improve your firm’s operations and are easy to implement, can be a daunting, time-consuming task. Whether via email or at conferences or association events, industr[...] Read More

Document Management Made Easy

By | on 23, Sep 2019 |   Preparing for the Future

Document management and retention has always been an aggravating issue for law firms and businesses in general. It can be difficult to properly store, let alone keep track and find, all of your files [...] Read More

Self-care isn’t Selfish: Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Law-Life Balance

By | on 09, Sep 2019 |   Preparing for the Future

As an attorney, you can often find yourself working long hours or on matters that are mentally draining. Add to the mix work-related emails and texts and you may discover it’s getting harder and harde[...] Read More

Top 5 Recent Consumer Class Actions

By | on 17, Jun 2019 |   Preparing for the Future

Consumer class actions are an important part of the American legal landscape as they help to provide a legal remedy to a large group of people who likely would have been unable to file individual laws[...] Read More

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