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    2 Significant Litigation Benefits of Legal Financing

    By | on 24, Sep 2018 |   Why Finance?

    A reality of litigating plaintiffs’ claims is that it can be financially straining on a firm to advance case costs throughout the life of a proceeding. Some larger, more complex cases can take years t[...] Read More

    3 Loan Repayment Terms that You Need to Pay Attention To

    By | on 09, Jul 2018 |   Selecting the Right Source

    Of all the financing models available to law firms, many find that a line of credit best suits their needs—providing funding for operations and growth and available when you actually need the money, w[...] Read More

    Applying for a Line of Credit? Here’s What to Expect

    By | on 14, May 2018 |   Preparing for Financing

    At first glance, the application process to secure a line of credit from a litigation financing company can appear somewhat daunting. However, there are some steps you can take to be better prepared, [...] Read More

    How to Choose between Non-Recourse & Recourse Funding?

    By | on 02, Apr 2018 |   Uncovering the Best Option

    Your firm is on the move, and in order to continue the momentum, you’ve decided that you’re ready for legal financing. But how do you know what type of financing is best for your firm—recourse or non-[...] Read More

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