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    3 Questions to Help Drive Year-End Planning

    3 Tips for Managing Law Firm Data

    Mass Tort of the Month: CPAP Litigation

    5 Considerations when Contemplating a Law Firm Merger or Acquisition

    5 Tips for Tax Season

    Top 5 Mass Torts of 2021

    Year-End Planning for Your Contingent-Fee Firm

    A Closer Look at the Zantac Litigations: A Conversation with Attorney Beth Fegan

    Mass Tort of the Month: Benzene Sunscreen Litigations

    Mass Tort of the Month Update: Belviq

    5 Steps to Securing Capital for Your Contingent-Fee Firm

    Deciphering the Texas Two-Step Bankruptcy

    A Closer Look at the Rock ‘n Play Sleeper Litigation: A Conversation with Attorney Regina Calcaterra

    A Closer Look at the Paragard MDL: A Conversation with Attorney Marcus Susen

    Overcoming the Unique Financial Hurdles Facing Your Practice

    A Closer Look at the 3M Combat Arms Earplugs MDL: A Conversation with Attorney Mike Burns

    The Eventual Return to Face-to-Face Events: 5 Tips for When the Time is Right

    Mass Tort of the Month: In Re: January 2021 Short Squeeze Trading Litigation

    Mass Tort of the Month: JUUL Update

    Mass Tort Update: Litigations to Follow in 2021

    Mass Tort of the Month: Toxic Baby Food Litigation

    Considerations Before Returning to the Office: The Pitfalls of Vaccine Mandates

    Examining the Exam: A Closer Look at the Bar Exam

    Mass Tort of the Month: Elmiron

    Mass Tort of the Month: Paragard®

    Paycheck Protection Program Overview: Second Draw

    Mass Torts to Keep an Eye on in 2021

    Self-Care: Holiday Edition 2020

    Top 5 Mass Torts of 2020

    Take Charge Amid the Uncertainty: Year-End Planning for Your Firm

    A Look Back at the First Remote Bar Exam

    Mass Tort of the Month: Valsartan Litigation

    Planning in Uncertain Times: How to Effectively Manage Law Firm Cash Flow

    More than a Logo: How to Create your Firm’s Unique Brand

    Mass Tort of the Month: PFAS Litigation

    Changes to Underwriting during COVID-19: How Litigation Finance Companies are Adapting

    Is the Traditional Office About to Become Obsolete? Post-COVID Considerations for Law Firms.

    Mass Tort of the Month: TikTok Privacy Litigation

    Class Actions After COVID-19: Lawsuits to Watch

    Best Practices: ABA-proposed guidelines for litigation financing

    Mass Tort of the Month: Evenflo Big Kid Booster Seat

    Virtual Events in the COVID-19 Era

    Regulatory Spotlight: California Nonlawyer Ownership and Fee Sharing Rules

    Mass Tort of the Month: Allergan BIOCELL Textured Breast Implants

    A Conversation on Litigation Funding with Paul Cody and Todd Kushman

    Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act of 2020

    4 Ways to Keep Your Staff Engaged While Working in a Virtual World

    Mass Tort of the Month: Belviq

    Remote working after COVID-19: a lasting or temporary solution?

    Talcum Powder Litigation Update: a breakdown of the Daubert decision

    How to Stay Out of the Limelight of California’s “Shine the Light” Law

    Mass Tort of the Month: Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate

    Unpacking California’s Newest Privacy Law: The Basics

    Tax season’s delayed, but here’s how your firm can prepare now


    Mass Tort of the Month: 3M Combat Arms Earplugs

    The “New Normal” — Staying Focused While Working Remotely

    Can Military Service Members Sue for Medical Malpractice?

    Coronavirus Outbreak: Is Your Law Firm Prepared?

    Mass Tort of the Month: Zantac

    Top Law Firm Marketing Trends of 2020 Revealed

    Lawyer Advertising under the Model Rules: What’s Changed?

    Mass Tort of the Month: Juul

    Financing your firm—choosing between a loan or line of credit

    Mass Torts to Watch in 2020

    How to De-Stress this Holiday Season

    Seeking New Business Solutions in the New Year? Here’s where to turn.

    3 Questions to Jumpstart Your Year-End Planning

    Tort Reform in Missouri: Bills Enacted in 2019 and to Watch in 2020

    Workplace Evolution: Millennials in the Office

    Outlasting the other side: securing capital to fund a big case

    Litigation Analytics 101: What is it and how can it benefit your firm

    3 Reasons Your Financing Company Should Have Attorneys on Staff

    The Subtle Way You Can Boost Your Firm’s Operations

    Document Management Made Easy

    Managing a Multi-layer Law Firm Effectively

    Self-care isn’t Selfish: Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Law-Life Balance

    Taking the plunge: starting your own firm

    Make Document Exchange Easy with E-Signatures

    A Simple History of Common Benefit Fees

    Top Tools to Help Enhance Your Firm's Online Presence

    Finding the Right Case Management Software for Your Firm

    Key Considerations Before Entering Mass Torts

    Navigating the Financial Waters of Starting a Plaintiffs’ Practice

    A Brief Introduction to Marketing Automation and CRM Software

    Top 5 Recent Consumer Class Actions

    Budgeting: an essential component to conquering your firm's needs

    Predicting When You’ll Receive Contingent Fees: Impossible or Achievable?

    Can you Improve Your Firm with Litigation Analytics?

    What is Networking?

    Four Top Marketing Issues Faced by Law Firms: Identifying and Overcoming the Hurdles

    Reviewing the Top Data Breach Claims in the Past 12 Months

    Treating Your Law Firm Like a Business

    Thinking Expansion? 4 Considerations when Opening a New Law Office

    Settled Cases: payment delays you may face and how to tackle them

    Social Changes to Mass Tort Litigation in the 21st Century

    Law Firm Marketing 101: should you insource or outsource?

    Surviving the Litigation: how to persevere for the long haul

    4 Ways to Enhance the Security of Your Law Firm Information

    What to Consider Before Taking on a Law Partner

    4 Top Marketing Techniques to Grow Your Firm

    New Class Action Rules: Amendments to FRCP 23

    Monthly Top 5: Mass Tort Litigations

    Tips on How to Go Out on Your Own

    Applying for law firm funding? 3 of the top questions, answered

    Funding while a case is on appeal: weighing 2 key options

    Year-end planning isn’t complete without these 5 tax tips

    4 Techniques for Reducing Your Debt

    3 Tips to Help Tackle Year-End Planning

    How to Improve Your Firm’s Credit

    You’ve settled your case but payment is delayed. Now what?

    3 Surprising Truths about Non-Recourse Funding

    Collateral: What is it and what do lenders require?

    Financing Your Firm? Start with these 3 FAQs

    Key Considerations Before Entering Mass Torts

    Due Diligence: What is it and what to expect?

    2 Significant Litigation Benefits of Legal Financing

    The Pay Out: How Long will it Take to Get Funding?

    4 Benefits of Choosing a Lender With Experienced Attorneys On Staff

    A Revolving Credit Line: Why it’s Better Than a Term Loan

    The Cost of Success: How to Overcome the Financial Hurdles of Starting Your Own Firm

    How to Pivot When Your Firm’s Financial Needs Change Quickly

    Quick Tips to Help Your Contingent Fee Practice Stay on Budget

    Decoding the Code: How Tax Reform May Impact Your Contingent Fee Practice

    Is it all about the money? How cheap financing can harm your firm

    You closed on a law firm line of credit—now what?

    3 Loan Repayment Terms that You Need to Pay Attention To

    Avoiding these 4 Funding Provisions Could Save You Thousands

    Whose budget is it anyway?

    What do lenders look for in potential law firm clients?

    The No-Nonsense Guide to Litigation Finance Terminology

    5 Steps to Securing a Law Firm Loan

    Using a Budget to Determine Your Firm’s Financial Needs is Easier Than You Think

    Applying for a Line of Credit? Here’s What to Expect

    Afraid Law Firm Financing Interferes with Your Professional Obligations? Here's Why it Won't.

    What factors dictate your firm’s financing needs?

    Disclosing Financing in Litigation—The New Defense Tactic

    How to Identify the Best Financing Solution for Your Firm

    Your Lender Wants a Personal Guarantee—Don’t take it Personal!

    How to Choose between Non-Recourse & Recourse Funding?

    3 Types of Financing Solutions Unique to a Plaintiffs’ Practice

    Bank vs. Specialty Finance

    Why Doesn’t a Bank Understand My Firm?

    What’s the Difference between a Line of Credit and a Loan?

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