Finance Corner: A Guide for Plaintiffs' Attorneys and their Clients 

A Collaborative Educational Blog Series  




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4 Techniques for Reducing Your Debt

3 Tips to Help Tackle Year-End Planning

How to Improve Your Firm’s Credit

You’ve settled your case but payment is delayed. Now what?

3 Surprising Truths about Non-Recourse Funding

Collateral: What is it and what do lenders require?

Financing Your Firm? Start with these 3 FAQs

Key Considerations Before Entering Mass Torts

Due Diligence: What is it and what to expect?

2 Significant Litigation Benefits of Legal Financing

The Pay Out: How Long will it Take to Get Funding?

4 Benefits of Choosing a Lender With Experienced Attorneys On Staff

A Revolving Credit Line: Why it’s Better Than a Term Loan

The Cost of Success: How to Overcome the Financial Hurdles of Starting Your Own Firm

How to Pivot When Your Firm’s Financial Needs Change Quickly

Quick Tips to Help Your Contingent Fee Practice Stay on Budget

Decoding the Code: How Tax Reform May Impact Your Contingent Fee Practice

Is it all about the money? How cheap financing can harm your firm

You closed on a law firm line of credit—now what?

3 Loan Repayment Terms that You Need to Pay Attention To

Avoiding these 4 Funding Provisions Could Save You Thousands

Whose budget is it anyway?

What do lenders look for in potential law firm clients?

The No-Nonsense Guide to Litigation Finance Terminology

5 Steps to Securing a Law Firm Loan

Using a Budget to Determine Your Firm’s Financial Needs is Easier Than You Think

Applying for a Line of Credit? Here’s What to Expect

Afraid Law Firm Financing Interferes with Your Professional Obligations? Here's Why it Won't.

What factors dictate your firm’s financing needs?

Disclosing Financing in Litigation—The New Defense Tactic

How to Identify the Best Financing Solution for Your Firm

Your Lender Wants a Personal Guarantee—Don’t take it Personal!

How to Choose between Non-Recourse & Recourse Funding?

3 Types of Financing Solutions Unique to a Plaintiffs’ Practice

Bank vs. Specialty Finance

Why Doesn’t a Bank Understand My Firm?

What’s the Difference between a Line of Credit and a Loan?

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