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    Financing your firm—choosing between a loan or line of credit

    By | on 13, Jan 2020 |   Preparing for the Future

    With the year 2020 underway, you’re likely planning new initiatives or setting revised goals for firm growth. To do so, you’ll need adequate financial resources. You may be thinking about obtaining ou[...] Read More

    Tort Reform in Missouri: Bills Enacted in 2019 and to Watch in 2020

    By | on 18, Nov 2019 |   Preparing for the Future

    In 2019, the Show-Me State demonstrated to the legal industry that it was becoming more serious about tort reform—making Missouri a hot venue to watch this year and next for firms representing claiman[...] Read More

    Can you Improve Your Firm with Litigation Analytics?

    By | on 20, May 2019 |   Managing Operations & Cash Flow

    The gathering, storage and use of data increases exponentially each year. As a result, new technology products for the U.S. legal industry continue to emerge. Most claim to provide lawyers valuable in[...] Read More

    4 Techniques for Reducing Your Debt

    By | on 10, Dec 2018 |   What to Expect Post-Closing

    With a personal injury, mass tort, class action or any type of plaintiffs’ law firm, reducing your indebtedness can oftentimes be dictated by factors outside your control—most prominently, how often a[...] Read More

    3 Surprising Truths about Non-Recourse Funding

    By | on 31, Oct 2018 |   Exploring My Choices

    Non-recourse financing—a transaction where you receive funding in exchange for a portion of your interest in the proceeds of a lawsuit—is a prevalent construct in the litigation finance industry. Read More

    Collateral: What is it and what do lenders require?

    By | on 29, Oct 2018 |   Uncovering the Best Option

    Collateral. Chances are you’ve heard the term if you’ve ever received (or applied) for any type of financing—whether a mortgage, auto loan or credit card. Consequently, most law firm funders presume y[...] Read More

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